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Solar panels are presently installed in over two million houses in the United States. The subject of solar energy is only growing more significant as more cities and countries establish strong renewable energy objectives by 2050. For valid reason: it’s the most prevalent renewable energy source, putting power in the hands of homes worldwide.

Here are some of the good reasons you should opt to install solar panels.

Solar Power’s Emergence

According to a study published, “solar power accounted for 3% of total U.S. electrical output in 2020.” In other words, solar electricity accounted for around 3% of all power delivered to residences across the country. Solar power will account for a 14% increase in 2035 and 20% in 2050. Many communities in the United States are adopting 100% renewable energy goals.

Electricity Prices Are Rising

Having to wait in installing solar panels implies you’ll have to wait to save money on your energy bill, and you’ll end up paying more for it as prices climb. In the United States, home power prices are expected to rise by at least 3.8 percent in 2022 compared to 2021.

By the third year, your savings would have nearly doubled and would only keep climbing as you avoid installing solar panels for your place. That is a compelling argument to invest in solar panels for your property right away.

Solar Helps You Save Money On Your Energy Expenses

Solar power generated by your panels from the sun can help you save money on energy. With grid electricity becoming costlier, owning a solar energy system helps to create your power and, as a result, gives some protection against potential electric rate hikes.

Battery Storage Keeps The Lights On

You may use battery storage to store the solar energy generated by the solar panels. In the case of power failure, you’ll be capable of keeping your appliances operating, like your fridge, TV, air conditioning system, WIFI, and other electronics.

Solar Energy Is Beneficial To The Environment

Solar energy does not harm the environment or contribute to global warming. It takes the place of nonrenewable energy sources such as coal, gas, and oil to eliminate the need for fossil fuels to create electricity.

Increase The Value Of Your Property By Installing Solar Panels

Solar-paneled homes are continuously more expensive to purchase. Households that invested in solar were able to recoup at least the cost of the system. Solar-powered homes also spend little time on the marketplace.

Solar Panel Installation in Portland, ME

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