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The sun is the source of all life on earth, and its energy is helpful to us in various ways. Two types of energies – light and heat – are created by the sun, which we can harness for many activities, from photosynthesis in pants to producing electricity.

With so many different activities that leverage solar energy, it has become one the most popularly used form of alternative energy in homes and commercial workspaces. Homes, industries, farmers, businesses, and schools are all leveraging this abundant energy source in various ways.

This blog will discuss the topmost uses of solar energy.

Solar Electricity

One of the most practical uses of solar energy in generating electricity, it has gained a lot of momentum in recent years since climate change and carbon footprints have become common knowledge. The increase in demand for solar energy has also reduced its installation cost, and people want to benefit from this energy source.

The use of solar energy has almost tripled in recent years due to increased accessibility and lower prices, thanks to the increasing demand.

Solar panels installed on roofs of homes and offices absorb the energy and convert it into electricity. The energy can also be stored for later use. They allow you to save utility costs and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation.

Moreover, if your roof is unavailable for some reason, you can also install a solar panel system on the ground. These are easier to clean and maintain and offer the same advantages as a roof-mounted solar system. 

Furthermore, solar batteries can be installed with a solar panel to store extra energy to use in unforeseen events like a power outage. These batteries store all the extra energy produced during the day so that you can consume it during the night or when there’s a power outage due to bad weather. To sum it up, it’s a great backup for emergencies.

Solar lighting Solar Powered Transportation

Solar-powered vehicles are the future. Presently, buses, trains, cars, and airplanes use solar energy to operate.

However, solar energy for transportation purposes has not yet been widely commercialized except for those who own electric cars that can be charged using solar electricity generated from solar energy.

As mentioned above, the transportation sector heavily contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases. About 92 percent of vehicles’ energy comes from gasoline and diesel. The combustion of these gases takes a toll on the environment. Introducing solar energy in the transportation sector can efficiently combat such issues and create a cleaner future for all. 

Recently, the first solar-powered aircraft completed a trip around the pacific ocean. This is a testament to the untapped potential of this energy source. 

Solar Charging

Recharging batteries is one of the greatest struggles in the digital world. Whether it’s your smartphones and watches, tablets, laptops, or other gadgets and wearable’s, all these devices can only last as long as their battery allows. 

Nevertheless, solar energy provides consumers with a constant solar energy source to recharge their devices without using electricity. Imagine leaving the house without worrying about charging your phone because it can charge using solar energy. 

Fuse 6W, Solartab, and JOOS Orange are a few examples of solar chargers that utilize the suns’ photovoltaic energy to charge your digital devices anywhere, anytime. 

Solar Lighting

From home landscaping and road signs to security lights and street lights, solar-powered lights have become extremely common. They have become inexpensive due to persistent demand and are available in various designs. You can find them in your nearest hardware stores and even online. 

Moreover, solar lights don’t need complex setups or long-running electrical wires that cost thousands of dollars. You can set them up anywhere, and they will run smoothly. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the reduced risk of power interruptions due to poor connection. 

So, if you thought solar lighting was out of your reach, think again!

Solar Heating

Solar water heaters and solar space heaters are effective ways to keep warm during the winter season. They harness sunlight and convert it into thermal energy, which is then used for heating purposes.

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