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Many Americans are looking for alternative energy sources for their homes and businesses. Some wish to explore these options to cut down on their electrical expenses, while many others hope to sustain the environment with these efforts. 

Solar energy presents as an ideal substitute for conventional electrical energy sources. Due to  recent advancements, the cost of installation and maintenance for solar panels has also been reduced. But there are some important factors you should keep in mind before getting solar panels installed in your home. Talk to your solar panel installation company about the following steps before finalizing your decision. 

1. Get Your Roof Inspected 

If you are thinking of installing solar panels on your roof, it’s wise to make sure your roof is well-maintained. An old or damaged roof will most likely need repair in the near future, and you’ll have to dismantle your solar panels to do that. To prevent this inconvenience in the future, you should have your roof inspected to identify any signs of damage before you install the panels. Solar panel contractors can also guide you about the repair needs of your roof so you don’t face issues in the future. 

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2. The Dimensions of the Roof 

Ensure that your roof has enough space to fit the number of solar panels you wish to install. The shape of your roof also plays an important role in functionality, because the solar panels can’t perform optimally unless they’re installed at a 60° angle. That is why Solar panel companies analyze the roof ahead of installation and can suggest alternatives if needed.

3. The Weight of the Roof 

Despite having the right dimensions, your roof may not be ideal for solar panel installation due to its weight. If the roof isn’t built with a sturdy material, it will not support the weight of solar panels. So before you decide to invest in solar panels for your home, consult with a solar panel solutions provider and find out whether your roof fits the criteria for installation. 

4. The Return on Investment 

Ahead of the solar panel installation, you need to determine the goal of this project. The cost of buying and maintaining solar panels shouldn’t exceed the financial benefit it offers. Investing in solar panels will help you greatly reduce your monthly electric bills, which will eventually make up for the overall cost of investment. 

5. The Local Weather 

The functionality of the solar panels directly depends on the local weather conditions. You will have  greater benefits from solar energy sources if your city experiences sunny days abundantly. Portland’s climate is perfect for solar panel use, which is why many residents in this region are investing in this alternative energy source. 

6. The Types and Variations 

You can find a large variety of solar panels on the market, each offering different and unique benefits. Certain materials may cost you more than others. The durability of the panels also varies from one type to another. A reliable and experienced solar panel company can provide you with many technologically advanced options, such as moveable solar panels. Make sure you choose the one that fits your home’s energy needs. 

7. A Combination of Energy Sources 

In areas with limited sun exposure, homeowners can’t meet all of their energy requirements with solar panels alone. In this case, you can meet some of your energy needs with solar and the rest with conventional sources. You could also invest in solar battery storage to make sure you are utilizing as much solar energy as possible. 

8. Storage Capacity 

Ensure that the number of solar panels is proportionate to the solar power batteries you have. You should always have extra batteries in case of an outage or maintenance problems. 

9. Moving Plans 

Installing solar panels is a long-term investment that may affect your moving plans. So if you are living temporarily in your current home, ask your solar panel installation company for options that suit your future plans. 

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