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The global demand for photovoltaic (PV) power demand has been growing at a breakneck pace in the last decade. According to Statista, the worldwide solar PV demand will amount to 125.2 gigawatts by 2024. 

PV, which was once just a niche market to small-scale applications has now turned into one of the world’s major electricity sources. Today, a majority of people and large-scale organizations regard solar photovoltaic systems as promising and reliable renewable energy technology. 

As renewable energy demands in the private and public power companies continue to increase, they’re rapidly expanding their renewable energy portfolios to acquire full-on energy independence and control. 

Solar Technology Trends to Watch Out For

In 2021, we saw an unprecedented advancement in solar technology. Whether it’s the thin-film solar cells or integrated photovoltaics or the mind-blowing solar tech fabric, progressions in solar technology completely transformed the shape of sustainability-focused companies and communities worldwide. 

2022 holds an even brighter future for solar technology. 

Here are some trends to watch out for;

  • Courtesy of the latest Congress bill, large and small-scale companies and homeowners who chose to install a solar power system can have access to rebates from electric utility companies.
  • According to Futurism, solar energy costs will reduce another 25% by 2022. Research also indicates that the costs of constructing solar power technologies are expected to drop by 4.4% every year. This decline in the prices will certainly trigger widespread adoption of solar technology worldwide.
  • According to the 11th National Solar Jobs Census, there were approximately 231,474 employees in the US solar industry in 2020. As cost reductions in the solar energy sector continue to persist, job opportunities in this industry have skyrocketed. Another study indicates that from 2020 to 2030, the solar PV sector will grow at an average of 13% per year

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Best Developments in Solar Technology Products

Arguably, solar panels will emerge as an ultimate choice for a majority of homeowners worldwide, a myriad of other solar products will also popularize globally. 

Floating Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Solar experts suggest that photovoltaic panels offer a significantly greater efficiency if they’re installed over water bodies such as reservoirs.  

These devices are expected to generate a large amount of electricity without consuming the real-estate space. Besides, their installation costs are also cheaper and because of the cooling effect of water, they’ll produce 10% more power.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are dual-purpose systems. They generate electricity to be used on-site or export to the grid while serving as the outer layer of a building. These systems are typically included in the initial building design as a substitute for standard materials during the construction. 

It’s manufactured from transparent PV cells. The photovoltaic glass is toughened and allows daylight to enter a building while generating energy. BIPV systems help in reducing material costs during the construction, reduce pollution, reduce electricity costs and dramatically improve a building’s architectural appeal. 

Solar Lighting

Solar-powered LED lighting has become increasingly popular in the US. They require virtually zero maintenance and can operate off-grid. These lights don’t require conventional trench and cable installations and hence they’re considered a highly convenient and cost-effective lighting technology. Lighting can also be customized according to the weather conditions and weather patterns of any location. 

In some areas, conventional lighting systems are inaccessible and therefore, solar lighting can be used for public safety. It’s a sustainable and ecological street lighting solution. However, the batteries used in a solar light should be replaced every two years for maximum efficiency and performance. These lights are also safe for use during the rains or snowfall. Solar lights are also used as decorative features in lawns and outdoor gardens. 


Solar Powered Chargers

If, for instance, we look at the solar-powered charger, there’s no reason why people won’t prefer them over the traditional corded chargers. Solar chargers don’t only offer you electrical independence, they also require minimum maintenance and offer more convenience, ease, and reliability. 

Solar Generators

Frustrated with the noisy generators at your home? Solar generators are the ultimate solution for you. Solar generators are considerably more convenient, noise-free, and above all, more sustainable than traditional ones. Whether you use a solar generator at your commercial facility or your home, they’ll offer lower operating and running costs and will help you balance your energy consumption. 

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