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We provide a free quote after a comprehensive site visit that includes inspecting your property. We also offer socially distanced and Zoom interactions to keep our technicians and clients healthy and safe.

Step 1: Get Your Free Quote

We can give you a free quote after inspecting your property. One of our experts can also go over all relevant tax credits and incentives, financing options, and more to make sure you enjoy all the savings you can. Schedule an appointment for a free estimate today!

Step 2: Efficient Installation

After you accept our quote, we can utilize our technology to create a powerful system that will save you money for many years to come. We will make sure to keep your busy schedule in mind to provide quick installation.

Step 3: Realize Your Energy Savings!

Once we’re finished with the installation, you will be able to enjoy immediate and long-term energy savings. We will make sure you’re ready to start saving as soon as possible.



The home survey and measure processes take around 90 minutes to complete. Getting measurements, putting together diagrams, and locating penetrations can put you at risk, especially if your roof is steep. An automated drone can collect this information without putting anyone at risk. Additional benefits of drone surveys include:
  • Speed – Rather than taking 90 minutes using traditional methods, drones allow you to take as little as five minutes to complete a solar site survey.
  • Flexibility – Exact measurements may be difficult or impossible to get. A drone can collect this data no matter the steepness of your roof.
  • Consistency – Traditional survey methods may result in human error, but a drone will always gather correct data.
  • Safety – As mentioned above, a drone takes out the chance of any safety issues because no one will need to use a ladder or walk on the roof.


Once our drone technology has gathered important site survey information, we can use the data to create 3D models. Rather than completing this by hand, we can use drone solutions to automatically create a 3D model. The benefits of this process include:
  • Speed – Instead of laboriously creating the 3D model, the drone tool can save you hours and automatically create a 3D model to use straight away.
  • Accuracy – Again, drones take out the possibility of human error. Additionally, aerial drone solutions can enable you to use point-to-point measurements for any distance you want, which means you can learn the distances between specific areas of your roof and include them in the 3D model.

Steps for Going Solar

1. Prepare for Your Site Visit – Take a look at your energy usage and have that information ready for your initial site visit. We can help you explore system options and help find the best location on your property.

2. Customized Design & Proposal – We will put together a proposal for you to look over which will include information about the financial aspects of the process. After you approve this, we will provide a contract for you to review and sign.
3. Installation & Walk-Through – Once you sign the contract, we will provide carefully coordinated, professional installation and then perform a walk-through with you.


All Solar Energy Solutions provides ground mount or roof options for your solar panel installation. On top of our installation options, we can also provide solar batteries for all your battery storage needs. We stay updated on the finest products in the industry to make sure you have access to the best, including REC Solar, Q Cells, and SunPower. Invest in solar energy today!
Contact our team to schedule an initial inspection and to receive a free quote! We are proud to serve residential and commercial clients throughout Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, York, Gorham, Kennebunk, Portland, Biddeford, Brunswick, Auburn, Lewiston, ME & beyond.


Deduct as much as 26% from your taxes each year through an ITC credit.

Solar FAQ

Why should I make the switch to solar?

Solar energy has numerous financial and environmental benefits. Financial advantages include savings on your energy bills as well as an improvement in property value. Environmental benefits include using a renewable energy resource that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Why should I make the switch to solar?

Solar panels use the sun’s energy to create direct current (DC) electricity. While solar panels can’t create energy when the sun isn’t shining or when they’re covered in snow, solar panels are still a smart investment that will pay off.

Can I completely go off the grid?

Since your solar panels are dependent on the sun, you will still need to occasionally draw power from the grid and stay connected to it. This means you will still have to pay an electric bill, but it will be far lower.
What happens in the event of a blackout?

Your solar panel system will automatically shut off in a blackout for safety reasons, as power could be sent back to the grid and injure utility repair people. If you want to make sure you have power during a blackout, you can use an inverter and battery.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panel systems can last as many as 25 to 35 years, during which time they will require little to no maintenance!

What are my financing and payment options?

You can purchase your solar system with cash, pay with a loan, or sign a lease. If you do have the cash, this can offer the most savings. However, a solar lease can help you enjoy low energy bills even if you can’t afford to pay for the entire system upfront. If you don’t have the cash, you should consider the benefits and terms of all available loans and leases to find what works best for you, and we can help with that!

Please keep in mind that leasing your solar panels can complicate the home selling process. Should you want to sell your home, you will need to buy out your lease or transfer it to the new homeowner.

Will solar panels work with my roof?

While solar panels work best with roofs that face south and have little to no shade, we can often work around this. If you want to find out if your roof is suitable for solar panels, please schedule an appointment and we can take a look at your roof. We can also suggest an appropriately sized solar energy system for your particular roof.

Is there a way for me to monitor my solar panels?

An additional monitoring system, which can track the performance of your system, can be installed on request. Just ask us during your initial appointment.

What is shared solar?

A shared solar or community solar project can give you energy from a solar panel system in your neighborhood. While you won’t own it yourself, you also won’t have to pay for the entire thing. The charges for this will appear on your electric bill as a “virtual net metering credit.” We suggest weighing the costs against the benefits of each option before deciding; give us a call to learn more.