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Even though it may seem that installing a solar panel array is becoming simpler every day, hiring a professional to install your solar panels is crucial. Choosing a vetted professional for your solar installation will be one of the best ways to generate the most electricity with the system, even if you feel like you’ve done the research and have the necessary equipment for the job. 

An adequately built solar energy system is one of the best ways to reduce energy usage. It takes time for small savings to mount up, so if you decide to install the system yourself, you might have to wait longer to see the financial benefits of solar energy. The initial cost of installing a solar system yourself will be lower, but there is a potential that you could damage other systems, such as your roof, and that the system won’t be as effective.

You may install solar panels on your roof yourself if it is in good condition, and you can drive a lag bolt into the roofing materials. You will be fine with putting the system together or doing it yourself. The most challenging aspects of solar insulation are integrating the system with the electrical grid, getting it to function with domestic electricity, and correctly calibrating the system to create the most power.

Professionals in the field of solar energy may handle much more than just installation; they also strive to build a system that will be suitable for your yard and home’s layout. They can act as a valuable resource who can make sure you have the necessary permissions and are taking advantage of any rebates you might be eligible for to reduce your expenditures.

Why is it essential to have a professional solar panel installer?

People are actively moving to green energy to cut greenhouse emissions because climate change is currently the world’s greatest threat. Since solar panels make it simple to capture this energy, solar energy is the most widely used type of green energy. More than four in ten homeowners are thinking about installing solar panels. Many of these property owners need to recognize the value of expert installation. They might choose the provider with the lowest quote to save money or attempt a do-it-yourself installation.

Experts will use the most cutting-edge equipment for solar panel installation. Solar industry professionals always look for the newest products to enhance efficiency or reduce costs. Increase the efficiency of your solar installation and extend the life of your solar system by selecting these higher-quality components.

Numerous benefits come with hiring a qualified professional, and the added expenses are relatively high compared to those associated with a less expensive choice. You will save a tonne of money over your current energy bill if you pay a little extra for a professional service that will help you maximize the energy yield and benefits from your solar panel system.

Reasons to hire a professional solar installer

For the reasons listed below, you should always contact experienced solar panel installers to install solar panels in your home.

1. The Panels Quality

The same cannot be said for all solar panels and associated hardware. Different technologies and quality panels offer variable degrees of efficiency, and most rooftop solar panels have a peak efficiency of 18%. However, some only reach 11%. Making the incorrect choice could reduce your ability to produce energy.

Additionally, the lifespan of your equipment may be shorter, which could limit the cost savings from solar. Any potential savings from a DIY installation are lost if your panels break down before you have reduced your energy costs by enough to pay for the supplies and installation. Working with a reliable specialist gives you access to their knowledge and tried-and-true tools. 

2. Improper installation

Making crucial errors is one of the main deterrents to purchasing DIY solar panels for residential installation. To begin with, you should put the panels in a better spot. They won’t produce as much solar energy as a result, and your investment will be lost. Solar panels must also be fitted correctly and secured to the house. Also necessary is the connection of electrical wires. This is something you should do only if you are a licensed electrician.

3. Cost Saving

The higher expense of hiring a professional installer is why homeowners choose to install their solar panels themselves. However, premature solar panel replacement or repair due to improper installation is far more expensive. You may call reputable businesses to fix your solar panels if something goes wrong because they typically give guarantees on their materials and workmanship.

4. Risk of starting a Fire

Your solar panels will heat up rapidly on a warm, sunny day. Additionally, a fire could result from improper installation techniques or materials.


You shouldn’t utilize wood or other materials to assist your panels in maintaining structural integrity. It might catch fire, especially if there are any electrical problems. The last thing you need is shoddy wiring that blows up your inverter. The likelihood of a fire occurring is extremely minimal when handled by experts. Professional installers can also carry out regular maintenance. They will make sure your panels are operating properly.

5. Enhanced curb appeal

These days, the curb appeal of your property is greatly influenced by every improvement you make. If you look closely, you’ll see that some solar panels look more attractive than others. Some modern designs and buildings need to be put in the right place. Additionally, they come in colors that produce a relaxing ambiance. A professional solar installer can assist you in installing solar panels in an aesthetically acceptable manner. This will improve the exterior appeal of your property.

6. Warranty of solar panel

A product warranty that guarantees correct operation and electricity output is included with solar panels. The manufacturer’s warranty might not cover the panels if you install solar panels yourself instead of hiring a professional installer. You want to take advantage of this chance.

Our certified professionals will install your solar panel at All Solar Energy Solutions. You will receive an explanation of the installation procedure from our knowledgeable staff, who will also address any queries you may have. We provide affordable and affordable solutions for all your solar panel requirements. In addition, we offer mini split installation services, heat pump installers, and generator services in Portland, Brunswick, and Topsham.