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Solar panels take advantage of nature’s free yet most powerful resource to produce energy: the sun. Photovoltaic (PV) systems or solar panels utilize semiconductor technology to convert energy from the sun into electricity that can power your property. But are these solar solutions suitable for your home? 

On average, over 3,900 solar panel installations are recorded in the United States each month. The growing popularity is attributed to the fact that technological advancements have made solar panels much more affordable over the last few years. On top of that, they help reduce utility bills significantly while also helping reduce their carbon footprint and sometimes earning extra money from surplus electricity generated from the panels. 

If you’re thinking of getting solar panel solutions for your home in Maine, now is an ideal time to go for it. EPA-certified solar panel contractors and technicians at All Solar Energy Solutions, LLC, are standing by you to help you plan and install solar panels, batteries, generators, heat pumps, and more. Before you get started, here are some factors you need to consider to enjoy the maximum benefits offered by solar energy panels. 


#1- Power Needs 

Every home has a set level of electrical needs, based on its size, presence or absence of insulation, the number of appliances used, and various factors that can affect the size and power output of the HVAC system. If your solar panels generate more energy than your home needs, you can sell the excess back to the power company, but you don’t want it to be inadequate or underpowered. 


#2 Roof’s Condition 

Professionals should inspect the roof before solar panel installation. Depending on the number of panels required to power the home, the weight may be considerable. This is because each solar panel weighs around 44 lbs on average. Homes built during the late 20th century or later are typically stronger than those built previously. It’s also important to ensure the roof is free from woodworm, infestations, rot, and other damages. Otherwise, the roof might need additional struts to strengthen it.

Solar technicians discussing plan on paper


#3- Direction and Placement

Module Direction

Shading, module angle, and module direction consideration are important before deciding whether solar solutions are right for your home. For instance, north-facing solar panels might receive the most sunshine during the day, creating maximum electricity. But if it’s not a practical scenario for your roof, experts can help you find suitable solutions for west or east-facing panels that’ll help generate optimum energy during the day or afternoon, respectively. 

Module Angle 

To tilt or not to tilt, is that the question? Solar panels are sometimes tilted towards the sun with tilting frames. Experts install them by figuring out the best angle according to the latitude of the spot where the solar panel is likely to be installed. Optimizing the tilt angle helps streamline efficiency and slightly better electricity production. But this option is more feasible for those with a flat roof only. 


The system’s performance will be significantly impacted if a part of the panel is shaded by electricity lines, trees, or surrounding buildings, leading to much lower electricity production. It’s vital to ensure that the panel’s sun exposure isn’t interrupted by unnecessary shade. 


Do Solar Energy Systems Increase a Home’s Value? 

Solar panels make homes more energy-efficient, which is why they can increase their value significantly. Solar energy system installation is now considered part of the home improvement project. They make a space more attractive for potential buyers, as more people are now choosing to invest in eco-friendly energy alternatives that help save utility costs, but it’s more of a personal preference. 

For many, solar panels will mean tax credits for going green, reduced carbon footprint, lower power costs for years to come, and less reliance on traditional power grids, especially if you also consider solar battery storage with the solar panel installation

Whether you need a solar panel or generator services, heat pump repair or installation, mini-split installation, storage battery installation, or other solar solutions, you can hire solar panel contractors at All Solar Energy Solutions, LLC. 

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