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“Should I install solar panels in Maine despite the winters?”

We want to respond to a common query from people who are interested in Maine solar energy, and the answer is yes—even in Maine.

A Little About Solar Energy

The light produced by the sun is commonly also known as solar energy. The energy produced by the sun can be used to meet our needs and power our way of life. We can move toward a clean, decarbonized society by utilizing a limitless source of energy. Long-term Maine solar panel returns are not just good for us but also for future generations and our grandkids to come and for the environment, as well.

Solar Panels: How Do They Work?

Solar panels are made up of many interconnected photovoltaic (PV) cells. The photons from sunlight strike these cells and dislodge the electrons from their atoms. The result of this process is an electric flow. Our homes, gadgets, appliances, and automobiles can all be powered by this!

Now that we have information about solar energy, solar panels, and how they work, let’s move forward to solar energy utilization in winter. 

Maine: A Good Location for Solar Energy?

In this article, we will discuss whether solar energy is a good investment for the majority of Maine homeowners. Still, the value of solar power also depends on your home’s layout and energy needs.

Despite what many people think, Maine’s winters are a great time to generate a lot of electricity through solar panels. The days are shorter, and there is a lot of snow; the temperatures are lower, resulting in solar panel efficiency being greater in the winter than in the sweltering summer.

There has been a decrease in Solar panel costs by more than 80% in the last ten years. They will continue to be financially supported in 2022 by the net metering law and the 30% federal tax credit, making them a wise investment. They provide a significantly higher return than the long-term average return on the stock market and the average return from real estate investment.

Maine has many wonderful natural resources, but the most priceless one is up in the sky.

The sun must be used effectively! Solar energy in Maine is the most affordable way for residences, companies, and municipalities to reduce their energy costs and secure a consistent price for energy from an endless source: the sun. 

Make this the year you go solar with the solid solar incentives, numerous financing options, and community solar farm options available.

Regarding solar installation rates, Maine solar power comes in 32nd place overall.

Why Should Maine Turn Towards Solar Power?

Among the many reasons, we have a few ready for you below to convince you of solar;

  1. The sun is a reliable energy source.
  2. Solar energy can help solve humanity’s biggest environmental issues. Making sure the upcoming generations have a livable future. The climate crisis is substantial and frightening, and solar energy is the most promising technology for achieving a clean energy economy transition.
  3. The average solar energy return on investment ranges from 8% to 12% per year when taking into account significantly lower equipment costs and dependable performance.
  4. Solar energy is capable of heating and cooling your home as well as providing backup power.
  5. Solar reduces energy costs and secures long-term electricity rates. Going solar can lower your electric bill even with a significant initial investment, saving you money for years to come and protecting you from rising electricity prices. 

How Much Energy Can Be Generated By Solar Panels In Winter?

How Much Energy Can Be Generated By Solar Panels In Winter?

Winter months are less likely to result in maximum solar panel efficiency. Snow and shorter daylight hours are to blame. However, you will be able to produce power with solar panels in winter.

Winter rainfall can benefit energy production. As rain rinses away all dust or dirt that might block light, solar panels often work better when it rains. For this reason, solar panels should also be cleaned regularly.

Even the toughest homeowner can be discouraged by memories of previous bitterly cold and snowy winters. If you are thinking about going solar, you might wonder if it is bad for solar panels to be near snow—quite the opposite. Solar energy should, after all, be able to produce returns all year long if you consider it to be an investment. Many people are surprised that solar panels can be used in the winter due to frequent snowstorms and cold winter seasons. Due to solar panels’ increased efficiency in colder months and the excess energy generated in the summer, your solar system will nonetheless continue to generate electricity and reach its estimated output as it operates throughout the winter. 

Fortunately, many of the most popular snowy regions have solar panels. Do not let the winter prevent you from going solar!

The Value Of Solar Panels In Winter

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels typically perform better in colder weather, which dispels the myth that they are ineffective during the winter. Additionally, the white snow can reflect light and enhance PV performance. Only if the panels are covered in snow will winter reduce solar output.

To know and learn more about solar panels and their installation, contact all solar energy solutions now.