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Going solar can provide several benefits to a home or business owner as well as to the environment. It can save you cost, is a green and renewable resource, and may even earn you a tax credit. 

When you are considering installing solar panels, you need to know who to work with to maximize the efficiency of your investment. 

Occasionally, homeowners way aim for DIY installation of solar panels, which is never a recommended option! Your best choice is to hire a seasoned professional for solar panel installation. 

Professional solar panel installers are equipped with the proper knowledge and experience that allows them to consider several factors and plan extensively before they install the solar panels. As a result, you get a solar energy system that offers a high yield and is energy efficient. 

Let’s look at some of the ways professional solar panel installers can help maximize solar energy yield. 

How Does Working with Seasoned Solar Professionals Maximize Solar Energy Yield?

While solar energy contributes to only 3% of the total electricity generation in Maine, the future of solar energy seems quite promising in the state. It serves as one of the most cost-effective ways for homes and businesses to lock in a renewable energy resource.

However, to reap all the benefits of solar energy, you must avoid DIY Installation or go for companies that offer the lowest quote. Instead, a better alternative is to work with a skilled professional who can provide you with numerous benefits that often far outweigh the additional cost. 

Keep reading to discover some of the reasons why working with seasonal solar professionals will help you maximize the yield from solar energy. 

#1. Professional Installers Help You Choose Top-Quality, Durable Solar Panels 

On the surface, all solar panels may appear to be the same. However, if you delve into the detailed functionality of the solar panel and its equipment, they are available in different technologies and qualities that offer varying levels of efficiency. 

Most rooftop solar panels have an efficiency range between 11% and 18%. Since you cannot determine the efficiency level simply by looking at the solar panel, you need to work with a seasoned professional who can help you choose the most efficient solar panel for your home or business. 

Apart from the efficiency range, solar panels are also available, featuring different lifespans. Some solar panels have a shorter life span, whereas others can stay functional for years. However, an unskilled homeowner can’t differentiate between solar panels with a shorter lifespan from those more durable. 

If you don’t work with a seasoned solar panel installer, you may end up choosing a solar panel that has a shorter lifespan which can have a significant impact on your expected cost saving from going solar. If your solar panels deteriorate before saving enough money, you will eventually lose out on all the potential benefits of solar panel installation. 

However, when you choose a professional installer, their expertise helps you choose the most efficient and durable solar panel that will work best for you and provide you with the most benefits of going solar. 

#2. Professional Solar Panel Installers Choose The Best Placement To Maximize Solar Energy 

Solar panels are typically placed on the rooftop; however, the placement of solar panels is an exact science. One cannot simply place solar panels anywhere on the roof. Instead, there are a few considerations, such as the location of the house and the inclination of the roof. Moreover, the shading elements and environmental pollution also play an integral role in deciding the placement of your solar panels. As a homeowner, it isn’t always easy to consider all these factors because most homeowners aren’t aware of the impact of these factors. 

Therefore, it is best to work with experienced professionals as they completely understand how each factor can influence solar energy output. Hence, working with professional solar panel installers ensures that they install a solar panel to help maximize solar energy output. 

#3. Professional Solar Panel Installers Help You Enhance Aesthetic Appeal of the Panels 

For many homeowners choosing to go solar, the aesthetic appeal of the solar panel appears to be an important quality. After all, the installation of a solar panel on your roof may impact your home’s appearance. 

However, if you decide on the type of solar panel for your home solely based on how it looks, you may end up making the wrong choice. While you may pick up a solar panel that doesn’t appear to be an eyesore, it may have quality or durability issues. 

Hence, it is best to let a professional solar panel installer decide which solar panel is best for your home. While they can help you make an aesthetically pleasing choice of solar panel, they will also ensure that the solar panel you choose for your facility is also efficient and durable. 

 #4. Professional Solar Panel Installers Ensure Safe and Correct Installation

Unless you are an experienced electrician, DIY solar panel installation can be quite a confusing job. There aren’t many DIY solar kits available on the market, and the available ones often do not connect to the grid. 

The installation of a solar panel requires you to place the panels on the rooftop at a certain angle. Moreover, it is also required that you connect the solar panels to the grid, especially if you are in Maine, as it allows you to earn credits from the utility company. Furthermore, there is also a need to set up and connect batteries, inverters, and meters, which is often a tough job for a homeowner without experience setting up solar panels.  

Since correct installation isn’t a DIY task, it must be performed by seasoned professional installers with the experience to safely wire the system to the power grid. Moreover, by working with a professional solar panel installer, you can ensure that all the inverters, batteries, and meters are connected appropriately and are in the right place. 

Only when your solar panels are installed and connected correctly can you maximize solar energy from the panels. 

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