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Stay Powered With Backup Generators

In the Gorham, Kennebunk, Portland, Biddeford, & Brunswick, ME Areas

A generator could give you the energy you need in an emergency at your home or business. After deciding to invest in a generator, the next decision is what generator will be best for your home. Here are some things to consider:

  • What will you use the generator for? What do you want it to power?
  • Where do you want your generator to be located? (We can help you figure out if the location meets local and state codes.)
  • Do you want your generator to power an entire property or just selected areas?
  • Do you want a portable or standby generator?
  • Will you fuel the generator with natural gas, propane, or diesel?

Our team at All Solar Energy Solutions can help you with this. Contact us today for generator services in Topsham, Brunswick, and Portland, ME.


All Solar Energy Solutions offers all of the most reliable generator models from trusted manufacturers, including Generac and Briggs & Stratton. We suggest scheduling an appointment so we can learn more about your needs and give you a recommendation for which model will best suit your needs

Call Today for a Generator Service

All Solar Energy Solutions offers annual maintenance, service, troubleshooting, and installation services for a variety of backup generators. Whether your generator is displaying an error code or it’s full of debris, we will be there to help. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about which type of generator is best for your property. We are proud to serve homes and businesses throughout the Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, York, Gorham, Kennebunk, Portland, Biddeford, Brunswick, Auburn, and Lewiston, ME area.


You never know when a blackout is going to occur in the Gorham, Kennebunk, Portland, Biddeford, or Brunswick, ME areas. With so much of our homes relying on electricity, a backup generator will provide you with the power you need even when the power is out. Some benefits of owning a backup generator include:
  • delivering power during a blackout
  • allows use of HVAC system and other appliances
  • protects home from dangerous voltage surges when the power returns
  • operable during natural disasters
  • offers peace of mind
If you are considering backup generators for you or your loved ones, contact the team at All Solar Energy Solutions. We can provide you with the peace of mind you are looking for.


How long will it take you to install my generator?

The process varies widely depending on your property, but it usually takes us three to four days.

How do I start using the generator if I lose power?

You won’t need to do anything; a standby generator will automatically turn on when your power goes out and will automatically turn off when your power is back on.

How do self-tests work?

The generator will self-test every week to ensure it’s ready to work when your power goes out. Just tell your technician what day and time you want it to perform its self-test when your technician comes to install it.