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A backup generator can provide relief to homeowners in many scenarios. It serves as the ideal solution for power outage issues and other electrical malfunctions in the homes of Portland, ME. They provide a constant supply of electrical energy during turbulent weather conditions and eliminate many forms of inconveniences from your family’s life. But these devices can become a safety hazard if not used properly. Here are a few tips that can make using a backup generator easier and prevent accidents and mishaps. 

1. Keep at a Distance From Your Home 

Many homeowners make the mistake of keeping their generators in their closed garage or lawn. They do so to save on the expense of additional extension cords. But this mistake can cost homeowners much more than they would expect. Authorities continue to warn us about carbon monoxide poisoning inside homes, which is directly linked to improper generator use. This deadly gas can accumulate slowly in your home and can be difficult to filter out. Set up your generator in an open space, far away from your home, to avoid this risk. The experts of generator installation in Portland, ME, can guide you about the right space to keep your backup generator, so your family is safe from various health and safety hazards. 

2. Do Not Backfeed 

Backfeeding is an illegal and highly dangerous practice that all homeowners should avoid. The reverse flow of electricity created by this method can quickly result in electrical fire or appliance damage. Using multiple extension cords may seem like an easy fix to this issue, but the risks associated with this practice outweigh its potential benefits. Instead of resorting to this temporary solution, you should call a trusted generator service company in Topsham and get a transfer switch installed. 

3. Do Not Refill When Heated 

While refilling your generator’s fuel tank, you must use extreme precautions. A heated generator can transfer the fuel to the carburetor and ignite an intense fire. It could begin a chain reaction that leads to physical injury or worse. If you are learning to use your new generator, consult with a generator service expert in Brunswick and avoid many common mistakes. Professional backup generator service providers advise their clients only refill their generators 15-30 minutes after turning them off. 

4. Pour Fuel Safely 

The size and shape of your fuel container can make refilling easier or even more difficult. The bigger the container, the higher will be the chances of spillage. With the current gas prices, you sure can’t afford to waste any amount. So use a valve with a trigger control to pour down fuel precisely and avoid many risks. 

5. Do Not Store Too Much 

Stocking up tens of gallons of gas is never a good idea. It can lead to accidents in your home and create inconvenience. Storing fuel in excess may also prompt you to overfill your generator, potentially damaging its mechanism. This is why generator service providers of Topsham suggest homeowners only keep as much fuel as they need in the upcoming weeks and store it safely. 

6. Keep on a Flat Surface 

The internal mechanism of a generator requires lubrication to run efficiently. But when you place your generator on a sloped surface, some of its moving parts can get dried up. If the internal engine of your generator is lacking in oil, it will get more and more damaged after each use. This could lead to a heated engine or many other types of malfunctions. Avoid all these problems by keeping your generator on a level surface. 

7. Do Not Extend Cord Length 

Most homeowners like to keep backup generators far away from their homes due to excessive noise. For this purpose, they use lengthy extension cords, But this distance should stay within a 100 ft. limit, or your appliances could get damaged due to an unsteady flow of voltage. 

If you wish to learn more tips about generator service and maintenance, consult with the highly-trained and experienced professionals at All Solar Energy Solutions. We can teach you some effective ways to better care for your electrical appliances and prolong their life. Click here to learn more about our services.