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Mini-split is a heating and cooling system allowing the operator to regulate temperatures in every room. It has two main components – an indoor handling unit and an outdoor compressor. 

The system is easy to install as it only requires a three-inch hole through the wall for a channel that comprises the communication cables, condensation drain line, and copper tubing to link the outdoor and indoor units. 

In addition to being a great solution for newly constructed homes, mini-splits are quite beneficial for homes with non-ducted heating systems. 

However, like any other home comfort system, mini-splits can also have problems that disrupt their performance. This guide will walk you through the different problems that either require repairs or replacement.

Dripping Water   

A clogged drain line is one of the most common reasons that your ductless mini-split is dripping water. As the interior unit’s coil removes moisture from the air, the drain line transports the accumulated water to the outdoor unit. However, a clogged drain fails to drain the water outside, so the water begins to drip inside the room.  

Another reason for leaking water is a damaged drain pan that collects condensed moisture. Any damage to this component will cause the water to leak out. Moreover, if you have a leaking problem, remember to check the filter for dirt. Gunk buildup in your filters reduces airflow throughout the system while freezing the coils. But the coils warm up again, the frost will melt and drip down on the floor. 

A man fixing the outdoor unit of a mini-splitSystem Making Strange Noises

Though a mini-split will make some noise during standard operation, certain unusual noises may indicate a problem. Identifying the following mini-split noises can help you address the problem and reduce the risk of costly damages.  

  • Crackling Noise 

A frequent metallic noise indicates a loose component. Since the mini-split system consists of two units, it’s easy to inspect. Tightening the bolts may resolve the rattling noises. 

  • Buzzing  Noise 

If you notice a buzzing sound from your mini-split, there’s likely to be an electrical problem in the outdoor unit’s compressor. Moreover, the system could be handling an unusual number of amps. The problem can be best resolved by a certified technician. 

  • Hissing Noise 

Most commonly, a refrigerant leak causes a hissing noise. The leak may be formed due to a loose or damaged valve. However, if coils inside the indoor unit are cracked, dealing with the problem will be more time-consuming. You may have to get the coil and refrigerant replaced.

Mini-Split Is Not Cooling 

If your mini-split is not cooling, its filter may have dust that blocks the passage of cool and warm air. Moreover, a clogged condenser inhibits proper cooling of the mini-split system. Clean the condenser to remove the dirt and give it room for adequate airflow. 

Moreover, if your mini-split isn’t cooling because of a broken or faulty motor, the unit will fail to disperse the heat and interfere with the cooling. 


The System is Not Dehumidifying 

The evaporator coil of your mini-split dehumidifies the air by pulling water vapor. However, if the system isn’t dehumidifying well, it could have a dirty evaporator coil. To prevent this issue, you must have your system inspected once a year.  

Professional technicians suggest users should check the air filter once every month to clean or change it as required. Though the filter prevents dust from entering indoors, a clogged filter won’t function well. 

Unpleasant Odor 

If your mini-split smells unusual, it may have a problem. Learn some of the most common mini-split odors and what they indicate. 

  • Musty or Moldy Smell 

A moldy smell is an obvious sign of mold growth. If the air produced by your mini-split smells like dirty socks, it needs professional cleaning. Moreover, if it smells like urine, it may be because of bacterial growth. 

  • Fishy Smell 

If your mini-split smells like fish, there’s likely to be a dead animal near the outdoor unit. Bacteria and other small particles will make their way in, intensifying the smell. Getting a rotten smell out of your mini-split system can be very difficult. A thorough cleaning is the best option to improve indoor air quality. 

  • Burning Smell

Burning smells often signal electrical problems such as a failing motor or damaged wiring. Have a technician check your split for overheating or a melting component. If you don’t address this issue soon, the system may come to a standstill.  


A properly installed mini-split will always last longer and prevent damages in the future. If you’re looking for a professional mini-split installation service in Portland, we have got you covered. At All Solar Energy Solutions, our technicians will secure all connections and deal with dangerous dry nitrogen and refrigerant. 

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