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For decades, batteries have been deployed to store excess solar power generated by a PV system for later use. With technological innovations in the field, the efficiency of these batteries has considerably improved and their prices and maintenance costs have also declined. These factors have led to an unprecedented rise in the demand for solar batteries, especially for grid-tied solar systems. 

So, whether you choose to integrate solar batteries with your existing solar system, or not, is completely up to you. But, with a track record of providing solar energy solutions to our clients for years, we’d highly recommend you consider the option. There is a myriad of different options in which you can add battery power to your existing solar system. 

Working of a Solar Battery

Before diving deep into the matter, let’s first understand the basics. 

When the sunlight comes into contact with a solar panel, it collects the energy and converts it into DC power. This electricity is then transmitted to your inverter, which eventually converts it into AC power. The power generated by your PV system is utilized by your devices, home appliances, and light fixtures. But, what happens If it produces more electricity than you need?

This is where a solar battery helps. Regardless of their financial status, no one would ever want to waste the energy produced by their PV system. Solar batteries can store the excessive electricity produced and may come in handy when you need more electricity or when your panels don’t generate sufficient electricity to cover overall household chores. This situation typically happens when the weather is dry and cloudy and the panels fail to catch the sunlight.

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries are the best way to make the most of your investment in solar panels. They allow you to store the surplus electricity created by your panels for later use. If the grid in your residential area is occasionally unstable, you can add solar battery storage to your solar panel system to offer you a greater level of energy security. They can help you reduce your home’s carbon footprint, and, reduce noise pollution.

Battery storage systems are also used by forward-thinking businesses. These systems can be deployed for the storage of energy purchased during off-peak times. They can be switched to distribute energy when the tariffs are high, helping you cut the electricity bills. 

Battery storage systems can be configured to provide an uninterruptable power supply. If a power outage occurs, they can ensure that an industries’ critical systems receive sufficient power to back up safely and are getting an appropriate time to shut down.

Adding a Battery to Your Existing Solar System

Integrating a battery into an existing solar panel system is not necessarily a complicated procedure, but it can be a difficult one. Let’s look at how you can add a battery to different types of systems. 

Storage-Ready Solar System

This type of PV system is specifically designed with battery storage in mind. In this case, your inverter’s already prepared for the battery installation and hence this option is considered the cheapest and the most convenient. 

DC Coupled System

If you’ve got a DC-coupled system, you’ll have to replace your inverter with the one that works battery and a PV system. These systems are typically referred to as, hybrid inverters. DC power, produced by your PV, charges the battery and from there it’s transmitted to the inverter, so it may convert the power into AC. This AC power can be used in your home, office, or back to the grid. In this case, you may lose a considerable amount of energy during the conversion process.

AC Coupled System 

An AC-coupled system deploys a conventional inverter along with a storage inverter that charges the battery. In this case, the DC power from your panels is transmitted to the inverter and then converted back to AC. Now, if you’re using electricity, it will be sent to your building, otherwise, it will be transmitted to the grid.

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Whether you install a solar battery at the time of system installation or plan a retrofit primarily depends upon your requirements, budget, and priorities. At All Solar Energy Solutions, LLC we have an experienced staff of solar and heat pump installers in Portland ME. They leave no stones unturned in helping our clients understand their solar needs. We offer best-in-class solar panel services in Portland at affordable rates. 

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