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Battery Storage

Increased Security with Battery Storage

Generac battery storage gives homeowners and businesses the chance to keep things rolling when the power goes out. This type of battery is powerful enough to provide backup power for air conditioners and well pumps. If you would like this battery storage outdoors, it can be set up outdoors and can be scaled to fit your energy usage needs.

Battery storage can increase both energy savings and provide security in case of a power outage. Whether you want to enjoy independence from the grid or you want to make sure your family is cared for during a power outage, we recommend battery storage.

We are also a certified installer for Q Cells & Q Home.


A Generac battery storage system uses the sun’s power to provide backup power in case of a power outage. In addition to having a source of energy in an emergency, this type of backup power gives you access to affordable energy when energy costs are higher than ever.

Most solar batteries don’t have the power for an entire home. All Solar Energy Solutions can provide battery storage that can get you through nights and emergencies during power outages when energy costs are at their peak. Generac ensures that essential circuits like your water pump, water heater, and refrigerator get the power they need.

When you’re searching for a clean and simple source of backup power, contact All Solar Energy Solutions to learn more about Generac battery storage. In addition to providing safe and secure solar battery storage, we can also complete the necessary solar panel installation for your property. Our team is proud to serve property owners across the Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, York, Gorham, Kennebunk, Portland, Biddeford, Brunswick, Auburn, and Lewiston, ME area.