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Solar panel installation can help you live sustainably and save on monthly electrical expenses. This renewable energy source has merged as the perfect alternative to fossil fuels and their derivatives. They keep your carbon footprint in check and help the planet recover from many forms of pollution. But without proper maintenance, solar panels may not offer optimal resourcefulness. This is why homeowners should only choose an experienced solar panel installation company so their investment lasts long-term. Here are some of the most common problems with solar panels and the reasons behind them. 

1. Corrosion 

Like any other metal device, solar panels are also prone to corrosion. Once corroded, a solar panel cannot work properly and may need replacement. The main reason for this problem is direct moisture exposure. Air penetration can also cause solar panel corrosion in some cases. This is why expert solar panel companies of Brunswick laminate their product using vacuum pressure. It extends the lifespan of the solar panel and reduces maintenance expenses substantially. 

2. Electrical Problems 

Often, solar panel problems are linked to the electrical wires it is connected to. This issue is difficult to identify without the help of an experienced electrician. Loose wiring could cause this problem, which requires the immediate attention of a professional. Oxidation and corrosion inside the electrical wires will disrupt the flow of electricity and may damage your solar panel permanently. Homeowners should schedule periodic inspections of their solar panels to ensure they are working efficiently.

3. Pest Infestation 

Pigeons, squirrels, and other feral animals often form nests on rooftops, which results in expensive repair jobs for the homeowners. This problem becomes much more severe when you have solar panels installed on your rooftop. It affects the performance of the solar panels and may lead to electrical fires. To avoid this risk, you can ask your solar panel installation technician to add protective barriers on the panel surface. 

4. Dirt and Debris 

Waste and debris build-up can damage the surface underneath the panels permanently. Unclean solar panels are likely to develop electrical issues as well. This is why cleaning your solar panel is important to improve its performance and keep them functional longer.

5. PID Effect 

Potential-induced degradation is a common malfunctioning issue that develops in solar panels over time. It causes energy wastage and affects the productivity of the panels. Excess heat and humidity are the biggest reasons for this problem. By investing in an anti-PID box, you can save your solar panel from this and many other types of malfunctioning. Ask a solar panel contractor in Portland, ME, about anti-PID devices and choose the one that pairs well with your home’s electrical needs.

6. Snail Trails 

Snail Trails refer to the rust lines that appear on solar panels after long-term usage. This problem usually arises in low-quality solar panels made with cheap silver paste. It produces moisture within the panels and may cause oxidation. PV system damage is another reason behind snail trail contamination. To avoid this issue, you need to invest in a high-quality sealing mechanism for your rooftop solar panels.  

7. Hot Spots 

Amateur solar panel contractors are likely to leave cracks in the cells or other structures, which increases the chance of hot spots. These spots can be seen as burnt or damaged surfaces on the panels. Resistance within the electrical mechanism of solar panels can worsen this issue. Snail trails often lead to hot spots if not repaired on time. Electrical fires and solar panel failure are some of the results of this contamination. Once a solar panel develops multiple hot spots, the only solution is a replacement. Save yourself from the hassles of solar panel damage and replacement by investing in the dependable solar panel services of All Solar

8. Battery and Inverter Issues 

A solar panel cannot meet a home’s energy needs unless paired with a compatible solar battery storage device and inverter. If any of these components malfunction, they can cause damage to the solar panels and your home’s electrical wiring as well. This is why you should invest in a durable inverter and storage battery when buying solar panels in Brunswick. 

All Solar provides you with the most reliable solar panel services in Topsham to resolve all malfunctioning issues timely. With our help, you can make your solar panels last longer and improve their performance. Contact us now and make your home energy efficient in a sustainable way.