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The average Maine spends an average of $1,848 per year on electricity. This can be a major cost, especially for people on fixed or low incomes. Several factors contribute to an electric bill. Homeowners should try to identify these factors as soon as possible. 

To help you on this quest, All Solar Energy Solutions has compiled a list of easy and unique ways to keep your monthly electric bill in control.

Take a look at this guide to learn about some unique ways to reduce the light bill.

A person holding an electricity bill 1. Turn Off All Electronic Appliances After Using Them

It seems too obvious, but one of the easiest ways of lowering your electricity bill is by turning off all the electronic appliances after using them. Many of us, and especially our kids, often forget to unplug their chargers, increasing your electricity bill. Make sure you’re teaching your kids the importance of power-saving by setting a good example.             

2. Adjust Your Refrigerator Settings

You can save thousands of dollars annually by adjusting the refrigerator’s setting. Most homeowners are unaware of the setting and set it randomly. Your refrigerator’s fresh food area needs to be between 36-38 ° F. whereas the freezer area’s temperature needs to be between 0 to – 5 °F.

3. Adjust Your House/Apartment Thermostat Settings

The thermostat is one of the most underrated things in a house. But just by adjusting the settings to 7 to 10 °F, you can easily lower your electricity bill. 

4. Light Up Your Residential Property With High-Efficiency CFL And LED Bulbs

Another easy way to reduce your electricity bill is to install CFLs and LEDs. Even though a CFL and LED lights are more expensive than regular lightbulbs, they have long-lasting qualities. An ordinary lightbulb uses about four times more energy than a CFL or LED bulb!

5. Consider Installing A Dimmer

As per the US Department of Energy, adjusting your illumination levels helps in saving energy. Certain dimmer switches can be operated by an application, so you easily control the lights of your residential property from your phone.

However, ensure the lights you choose to install on your property are compatible with the dimmer controls as this is not a given.

6. Using Cold Water While Doing Your Laundry

Using cold water instad of hot water from your electric hot water heater can help you to reduce electric bills. Plus, according to the Alliance to Save Energy, soaking your laundry in cold water can help you save money as most laundry detergents work best in cold water rather than lukewarm water.

7. Install Solar Energy Panels

In an attempt to cut down on our collective carbon footprint as a society, scientists have been looking for alternatives to fossil fuels and their derivatives. Some of these options may be feasible for the short-term but do not provide a dependable solution due to their limited availability. 

This is why solar power is deemed the most valuable form of renewable energy in Maine. It is abundant throughout the year and offers more than enough energy to serve your electrical needs.

Regardless of the shape of your roof, solar panels can be installed in your home without any inconvenience. It is a fairly simple and non-invasive process that does not damage your roof. You won’t have to move out of your home during this procedure, and the internal power supply will not be interrupted either.

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