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Solar power solutions are predicted to be the future of clean energy worldwide. They can help us cut down on carbon emissions and lead a life of sustainability. The use of solar cells is dependent on the solar batteries you pair them with. They can store excess energy to be used later during the dark. The efficiency of your solar power system is affected by the quality of the batteries you use. A substantial amount of solar panel maintenance expenses are directed towards the upkeep of these batteries

If you invest in a durable solar battery storage option, you can save hundreds of dollars down the line. Additionally, there are ways you can further extend the life of your solar batteries.  Here we will discuss these options so you can make the best decision. 

1. Don’t Combine Too Many Solar Batteries

Many solar panel owners think that buying more batteries will positively impact the functionality of their power generation system. But the truth of the matter is, the more batteries you combine, the worse they will function. This is due to the increased resistance created in the circuit. It can not only reduce the output of your solar power system but also damage your electrical appliances in some cases. 

Take the advice of expert solar panel contractors in Portland, ME, and never go above 16 solar batteries, or you’ll risk a system-wide malfunction. 

2. Regular Rotation 

The more batteries you use for your solar panels, the higher their maintenance needs. This is because solar batteries placed near the exterior often receive a better charge than those present in the middle. To keep them all functioning at the same capacity in the long term, you need to rotate them every once in a while. 

By doing so, you will make all your batteries last the same usage period, and matters will be more convenient when it’s time for a replacement. 

3. Invest in Interconnect Cables 

Resistance within the batteries can hinder the flow of current into your home and affect your solar panels‘ performance. This problem can be reduced to a certain extent using interconnect cables. They provide an uninterrupted supply of current from the batteries and improve the function of the solar power system. Take the help of solar panels solutions provider in Portland, ME, and determine which cable size will pair well with your electrical supply system. 

4. Keep Them Charged 

Although you may be able to use your solar batteries for a long time without charging them, solar panel service professionals advise against it. It can affect the performance of the batteries in the long run and increase your solar power system’s maintenance needs. Homeowners should regularly check their batteries for their charging needs to avoid future inconveniences. 

5. Avoid Using Additives 

Some solar panel owners use electrolytes as a short-term solution for many battery problems. They believe that they can make their batteries last much longer with these additives. But the reality is quite the opposite. These substances often have a negative impact on your solar batteries‘ performance and may cause them to malfunction. 

Distilled water should be the only liquid you use in your solar power system batteries. Always consult with a solar panel installation professional before using any products on your batteries so that they can work to their maximum capacity. 

6. Use Desulfators with Caution 

Desulfators can be expensive and may not work for your particular solar storage batteries. So before investing in this option, get your solar batteries checked by solar panel contractors for any signs of internal damage. Charge your batteries in a way that is recommended by professionals and reduce the need for other short-term fixes. 

7. Gassing is Normal 

If you are using a solar power system in your home for the first time, you may be concerned about the gassing of your solar batteries. But this process is essential for batteries to perform optimally and does not cause any harm to your energy supply system. 

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