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Are you ready to be more eco-conscious this year? We should all learn how to conserve energy to preserve the planet. But first, we should understand the importance of energy conservation. 

Energy conservation involves detecting power wastage and taking action to reduce it. This can include simple actions like switching off the lights when leaving a room, disconnecting machines when they’re not being used, and using energy-efficient bulbs and electronics.

Some people use home automation. This technology is known for its resourceful applications that bring down the overall home maintenance cost for homeowners in Maine. It can help you monitor your energy consumption, so you don’t waste electricity. It also brings convenience into your family’s life with smart automations that make life simpler and helps you manage your budget.

Take a look at this guide to learn about some easy environmental sustainability tips for homeowners in Maine.

1. Install Smart Lighting On Your Property

A great strategy to minimize greenhouse gases and save money on utilities is to optimize the illumination in your home. Choose energy-efficient illumination options like LED of CFL lightbulbs. And don’t forget to always encourage your family members to turn off the lights when they exit a room.

 Solar panels installed on a residential property 2. Avoid Single-Use Plastics

You can help save the environment by excluding single-use plastics from your life like plastic plates, plastic wrap, and plastic cutlery. The environment suffers every time a plastic product is thrown away. This is because plastic items are manufactured from fossil fuels, which increases the concentration of carbon dioxide emissions in the environment.

Try using recyclable items or long-lasting materials such as paper or metal straws and cups instead of single-use products like plastic containers. This will help to reduce carbon emissions and significantly reduce your spending on these one-time-use products.

3. Get A Mini Split Heat Pump System

To reduce your carbon footprint, you should reevaluate your home’s electrical power usage. Cooling your entire property takes up a lot of electrical energy resources. Most of it is going to waste due to inefficiencies and inflating your energy expenses. Getting mini-split ACs installed in your home will allow you to control your electrical power usage more effectively and make your home more environmentally friendly to boot. 

4. Use Fans Instead Of An Air Conditioner

Another way to conserve energy is by using fans instead of an AC. This option is suitable for areas with mild summer weather along Maine’s coast. Manufacturers have introduced new styles of fans that can provide more cooling air flow. This practice will help you save energy and reduce your electricity bill. 

5. Take Shorter Shower

Showers are always refreshing, but there should be a time limit. A ten-minute shower can consume up to 9 gallons of water. However, limiting the shower time to two to three minutes can help save water and therefore save you money.  Water may not be as limited in Maine as it is in the Western states, however many Maine homes use electric pumps and every time that pump needs to run costs you money!

6. Limit The Use Of Electronics

Summertime is a perfect opportunity to get children away from electronic gadgets and into nature. It can be difficult to keep youngsters away from technology during the summer break. However, using electronics sparingly is an excellent method to save energy.

You can limit your children’s screen time by introducing engaging and fun activities like arts and crafts, hikes, and trips to Maine’s beautiful beaches.      

7. Install Solar Panels

Our list of environmental sustainability tips would be incomplete without solar panels. Traditionally, people believed that solar energy could only power a home during the day, and at night you would be back to using electricity from the main grid. 

On the contrary, a solar panel installation does not only come useful in daylight but also provides convenience at other times of the day. With solar battery storage in Portland, ME, you can store as much electrical power as you require daily. A quality storage battery installation job allows you to power an entire commercial or residential property and save on your monthly expenditures. 

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