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Recently heat pumps have grown in popularity due to their performance, dependability, and ability to heat and cool rooms effectively. However, they can be subject to wear and tear if not maintained properly.

Heat pumps can last more than a decade if maintained properly. To get the most out of your heat pump, you should have a professional examine it regularly. Qualified repair service providers can take care of small issues; this can help you to put off replacing the unit for additional months or years. 

While maintenance is very important, it is generally better to discard an aging system that requires frequent repairs. One relatively new option is to invest in a new mini-split heat pump in Portland, ME, and save yourself from many home maintenance hassles this summer. All Solar Energy Solutions has compiled a list of commercial heat pump tips to help you or your business’s maintenance staff properly care for your heat pump systems.

Take a look at this guide to learn about some useful tips for using heat pumps optimally.

1. Always Keep The Thermostat At The Right Setting

Your thermostat has a significant impact on your heat pump. If your heat pump is operational 24/7, it could wear out the air conditioning system and further inflate your summer home maintenance and repair bills. Your heat pump can be under excess burden for multiple reasons. 

Setting your thermostat to a temperature below 78° F will cause it to work more than it should. By keeping your thermostat at a reasonable level, you will save on energy expenses during summer and avoid common mini-split heat pump repairs.  

2. Always Remember To Clean Air Filters

Another commercial heat pump tip is to clean the air filters. Debris buildup can block the air filters in the AC system. Not cleaning your air filters can significantly harm your heat pump in the long run.  If your heat pump breaks down, get in touch with heat pump repair specialists at All Solar Energy Solutions and have your air filters checked right away.

 A heating pump system installed on a residential property

3. Inspections Are Necessary

You can clean your heat pumps on your own, but it’s best to get them checked regularly by a professional. The professional will easily detect any signs of excessive wear and tear or system failures. Putting off necessary repairs could cost more down the line since small problems can cause additional problems to crop up.

Trying to fix your heat pump work without a technician’s supervision may void your warranty and could potentially cause permanent damage to the mechanism. This is when you should contact All Solar Energy Solutions and get your mini-split and heat pump inspected by professionals who understand how the machines work and can fix them properly. 

4. Compressor Contactor Problem 

The compressor contactor in your AC regulates the current flowing into the heat pump. If this device stops functioning, your heat pump won’t turn off and on properly. If you’re noticing this issue with your heat pump system, contact a professional electrician like those at All Solar to find out if your compressor contactor needs to be replaced. 

5. Reversing Valve Malfunction 

A heat pump’s ability to switch between cooling and heating modes is supported by a reversing valve. This valve performs a crucial internal task inside a heat pump by controlling the airflow of the refrigeration system. When a new season starts, and you have to change the settings of your heat pump, you should get the reversing valve inspected to ensure it’s in good shape.

6. Checking The Efficiency Of The Air Handler 

The air handler of your heat pump has to operate efficiently to provide the system with cool air. The AC system will deteriorate if the air handler breaks down or is compromised. In the summer, an air handler breakdown is frequently caused by improper wiring or a short circuit. Contact us right away if you detect any signs of damage.

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Often, a heat pump may be on but wouldn’t cool your indoor space. It could be running low on refrigerant or may have an internal wiring issue. Perhaps your room size is too big for the mini-split heat pump unit to function optimally. 

The advantages of heat pumps are well known, and we hope these tips help you make the most of them. The more efficient your energy use, the more you can save. If you want to take your saving to the next level, consider getting solar panels for your home or business. The experts at All Solar can help. 

All Solar Energy Solutions provides highly reliable and widely trusted mini-split and heat pump installation services to homeowners and businesses in Portland, ME. So sign up for a free quote now and invest in a heat pump with a long lifespan.