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Known for its beautiful scenery, picturesque coastline, forested land, and much more, Maine boasts a range of gorgeous natural resources. Maine’s solar energy makes an incredible natural resource for homes and businesses as it helps lower energy bills and capitalizes on a reliable renewable energy source. 

In this blog, we’ll look at the 6 top reasons to go solar in Maine. 

6 Reasons to Use Solar Panels in Maine 

#1. Solar Energy Is An Abundant Resource In Maine 

While Maine lies in the Northeastern region of the country, the fact that it receives quite an incredible amount of sunshine cannot be undermined. 

The climate in Maine may be cold; however, the amount of sunshine combined with the cooler temperatures serves as the right combination for the efficient production of solar energy. Although the winters are cooler, the disproportionately high amount of power produced due to the gleaming sun helps cover up for any power loss due to the snowy winters.  

#2. Solar Energy Is An Environmentally-Friendly Choice 

Another important reason to consider going solar in Maine is that it makes an environmentally friendly choice for a livable future. 

The climate crisis is real and as we continue to bear the cost of changing global climate and its implications, transitioning to a clean source of energy is the least we can do to save the planet. 

Solar energy is known as a green, clean energy source that serves as a great way to reduce carbon footprint. Generating solar power doesn’t release any harmful gases. And while it needs a source of clean water to function effectively, it only takes in natural resources like sunshine and uses absolutely no other resources. Hence, it’s considered one of the safest and most environmentally-friendly sources of energy. 

#3. Using Solar Power Gives You The Flexibility To Stay Grid-Tied Or Go Off The Grid  

Using solar power in Maine allows you to stay connected to the grid or go off-grid, depending on your needs and the amount of solar energy your solar panels produce. 

By investing in solar panels on your residential or commercial roof, you are now energy-independent. If you choose to go off-grid, the solar battery storage system helps you store electricity for cloudy and rainy days and snowy winters. 

Moreover, we now have solar panel batteries that can store energy and allow you to use it to even power your car. 

However, if you are a Mainer, you also have the choice to stay connected to the grid. By being grid-tied, you stay connected to the public utility grid, which allows you to access power in case there is an insufficient sun to provide for your home’s energy needs, such as on cloudy days and at night. 

Moreover, by being connected to the grid, you can also sell excess power to the grid, which means that on sunny days when the solar panels on your roof are producing a lot more energy than you need, you can send the excess energy through the grid to power those around you and get credit in return. The credit you gain for selling energy can be used to pay for the power consumption from the grid. 

#4. Solar Panels Allow You To Use Unused Land 

By investing in solar panels in Maine, you play a positive role in optimizing the use of resources. Since installation can be done on the roof or any other place that has access to sunlight, installing solar panels doesn’t need the use of highly-priced land.

While you may have heard of solar farms in other countries like the U.K., installation of solar panels can be done almost anywhere. However, the only consideration should be how much solar energy the area receives. Hence, if you choose to have solar panels in Maine, you don’t have to worry about investing in highly-priced land. 

#5. Investment In Solar Panels Help Save Electricity Loss 

One of the lesser-known benefits of investing in solar panels is that it helps save electricity loss. Since electricity needs to be transported from large power plants to end-consumers through an extensive network, it often results in loss of power due to long-distance energy transmissions. 

However, you can save this loss of energy by going solar. When solar panels are installed on your roof, you get direct energy from the sun that’s converted into power for your home. Considering that there is no distance involved, solar panels on the rooftop serve as a helpful way to increase electricity efficiency. 

Furthermore, it gives you better control over your electricity bill as you don’t have to compensate for the lost energy due to a longer transmission distance. 

#6. Solar Panels In Maine Lower Your Energy Cost And Provide Tax Credit 

One of the most sought-after reasons you should go for solar panels in Maine is that the investment helps lower your energy cost. By going solar, you reduce your electricity bill throughout the year for many years to come. While investment in a solar panel may cost you a large sum of money, it will provide you with cost-saving for many years. 

Lowering your energy cost also gives you the incentive to get credit when you provide excess power to the grid. While you can use the credit against any power you use from the credit, you can also get cashback if you don’t use any power from the grid but have credit from selling energy. 

Lastly, if you are a residential user of solar panels, the federal government provides you with a renewable energy tax credit. Solar panel installation for residential users allows homeowners for a tax credit that deducts 30% of the system cost of solar panels installed between January 1, 2022, and 2032.

Switching To Solar 

The sun provides us with the energy that we can use to power our homes and businesses. While the initial investment may be higher, the returns you can reap in the future far outweigh the cost of installation. Moreover, the installation of solar panels in Maine allows homeowners and businesses to take advantage of the federal solar tax credit, which is currently available at 30%.

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