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Data shows that over the last 5 years, residential solar capacity has more than doubled in the US. This allows homeowners to not only reduce their bills, but also reduce their carbon footprint. 

However, being passionate about going green isn’t enough to install solar panels. There are several factors to consider before you make this investment. 

Getting direct sunlight isn’t the only thing that matters. Here are four factors to consider before you have a  solar panel installed.

Getting Direct Light

Direction Of The Roof

To generate maximum power during the day, your roof must be facing south. A roof facing east or west can also generate enough power to reduce your energy bills, but it will be comparatively less.

Roof Angle

To get the most out of your solar panel, the optimal angle should be 30 degrees. That being said, any angle between 15 and 40 can work. If your roof is flat, solar panels can be installed and mounted for maximum benefit.

Shading And Obstructions

Obstructions like tall trees and buildings can block the sun and cause shading on your rooftop, which can immensely impact the amount of electricity being produced by your solar panels. If trees are causing the shading,  then you can always trim them to get rid of the shade. If tall buildings are causing an obstruction, then you may need to change or adjust the position of your solar panel to reach daylight.

Solar panels on a rooftop getting daylightYour Location

Your location is a big factor to consider if you’re thinking about installing a solar panel. Solar panels use energy from daylight, not just direct sunlight. This means that even if you’re living somewhere with mostly foggy weather, such as Washington or California, you can still benefit from installing a solar panel. This is great news! 

In fact, it is considered to be good for your solar panels if you are living in a slightly cooler area than average. This is because extreme hot weather can damage the electrons in the panel as they overheat. The silicon inside the panel can also work better in a moderate temperature. If it gets too hot, electricity is not conducted at an optimal rate.


The Condition Of  Your Roof

If properly maintained, a solar panel can last you more than 25 years on average. Once your solar panel system is installed at your home, you wouldn’t want to have to replace it because of a damaged rooftop. 

Before you have your panels installed, make sure you have a professional check your rooftop to ensure it’s in adequate condition to withstand the weight of installing a solar panel system.

Some roof types can work better than others. Installers can fit a solar panel onto many roof types such as cement and wood. However, the tools that installers use can damage the roof if it’s made of clay or cedar. The roof type most ideal for installation is metal. This is because installers can drill through the metal panels and install the solar panels easily.

You Plan On Selling Your Home

Installing a solar panel can increase the value of your house. Studies show that a home with a solar panel can sell for $15,000 more. This means that by just installing your solar panel system, you could have already offset the cost of installation if you plan on selling your home. 


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