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In an attempt to cut down on our collective carbon footprint as a society, scientists have been looking for alternatives to fossil fuels and their derivatives. One of the most eco-friendly solutions to conserve energy is solar panels. 

They have recently gained prominence in the industry with their energy conservation properties. Scientists and industry leaders believe they are more reliable, dependable, and long-lasting than other options. 

Moreover, solar energy systems supply sustainable renewable electricity to optimize energy consumption. As the world’s economy is constantly changing, people are thinking of buying cost-effective innovations to reliably save money over the long term.

Solar power reduces not only CO2 emissions but also lowers electric bills. Nevertheless, their efficiency can deteriorate if solar panels are not properly installed and maintained.

Many homeowners are uncertain about whether to install solar panels or not.  Are they really worth it? Well, we have compiled a list of factors that will help you understand the importance of solar panels in today’s world. 

Take a look at this guide to learn about some unique ways solar energy solutions can help you save money. 

An illustration of community solar panelsImportance of Solar Panel Efficiency 

Solar power is deemed the most valuable form of renewable energy in Maine. It is abundant throughout the year and offers more than enough energy to serve your electrical needs. It’s considered one of the most eco-friendly methods of acquiring electricity. It helps in minimizing CO2 emissions from the environment.

The solar panel’s role is to transform solar radiation into electric power. It’s one of the most crucial things to keep in mind when evaluating the effectiveness of solar panels. For example, the productivity of two photovoltaic models that receive the same quantity of radiation is likely to differ. The model with more efficiency will generate more electricity.

Therefore, it’s important to do your homework about the service provider, the latest solar panel model, and the market value before deciding.  

How To Save Money Using Solar Power In Maine?

The following is a list of factors highlighting how solar panels can save you money in 2022.

1. You Get Tax Credits For Getting Your Solar Panel System

The US government tax credit, now at twenty-six percent, can counterbalance the upfront expense and average cost of photovoltaic modules. starting in 2023, the tax credit will be decreased to 22%. Therefore, it is best to take advantage of the tax credit program as quickly as possible. 

The federal tax credit was introduced to promote investment in power generation from renewable energy systems. Compared to gas or electric heating equipment, solar panels offer high long-term cost savings in part thanks to this subsidy. 

2. Solar Panels Have Low Maintenance Costs

Solar energy systems don’t require regular or monthly upkeep. Contact a reputable cleaning business if you’re unsure whether it’s time to get cleaning services.  

One of the major advantages of solar panels is that the manufacturers provide a 20 to 25-year warranty. Additionally, there is almost no wear and tear because there are no moving parts. To guarantee that your solar power system operates as efficiently as possible, the cables should be examined once every few months to check for fraying on the protective sleeves.

3. Community Solar Is Great For Renters

According to the US Department of Energy, community solar is any solar installation or buying scheme that serves multiple consumers within a certain geographic area, including residences, corporations, NGOs, and other entities. 

Community solar users can either purchase or lease a substantial part of the output from the photovoltaic panels, which can help them reduce their electric bills by around 15%. If you don’t own your property, have inadequate solar resources, or have insufficient roof space, community solar can be a fantastic choice.  It doesn’t deliver the same level of savings as a rooftop installation in most situations, though.

Hire an Expert to Install Your Solar Panels 

Incorrectly installed solar panels can’t acquire the optimal amount of solar radiation necessary to generate electricity. Therefore, selecting a professional solar power system service provider is important. 

The professional team will first examine the location, measure the site and then determine the size of the solar panels. After designing the solar panels, they will carefully position them at 18 to 36-degree angles for optimal sunlight exposure. 

A solar panel’s efficiency could decline in warmer temperatures. The service provider will provide enough space between the roof and the panels. This practice will provide sufficient airflow and minimize the chances of overheating. 

As a professional technician who deeply understands solar panels and how they work best, contact a contractor to get the most benefit.

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