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The first step toward sustainable living is managing and controlling the amount of energy we consume at home. Every homeowner should be aware of their energy needs and invest in tools and equipment that fulfill them without damaging our environment. Here are some tips and suggestions from expert solar panel contractors to keep your home’s energy consumption patterns. 

1. Install LED Lights 

Replacing a single light bulb with an LED light might not impact your monthly energy bill. But on a larger scale, this minute change can help you save a lot of electrical energy.

2. Do Laundry With Cool Water 

If the weather in your region allows you to use room temperature water for doing laundry, you should never waste heated water on this chore. It will help you cut back on your water heating expenses and prolong the heating system’s life as well. 

3. Invest in Home Insulation 

Your home’s cooling system cannot work to its capacity if your doors, windows, attic, and crawl space aren’t properly insulated. The internal environment of your home has to be sealed to trap in the cool air and keep external weather outside. 

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4. Get Your AC Repaired 

A malfunctioning air conditioner can consume more electrical energy than it should and disrupt your sustainable living plans. Regular heat pump repair in Portland, ME, is necessary to save on your household’s energy expenses. Ask your heat pumps installation company about the system’s maintenance needs so you don’t wear it out early. 

5. Use Microwaves When You Can 

Gas stoves can produce a significant amount of indoor air pollution, and gas ovens can drive up your energy bills by a lot. This is why solar solution providers in Portland, ME, suggest using microwaves more often than stoves and ovens. Their maintenance needs are minimal, and they can help you keep your carbon footprint in control. 

6. Clean-up Ice Build-Up from Your Refrigerator 

When your refrigerator accumulates a thick layer of ice, it cannot work efficiently. As a result, it will drive up your electrical energy consumption. Make a habit of defrosting and cleaning your refrigerator every other month so you don’t have to face this problem. 

7. Install Drapes Over The Windows 

You can maintain the internal temperature of your home better if you install drapes over windows and other inlets of sunlight. It will reduce your reliance on the air conditioning system and help you save on monthly energy expenditure. 

8. Get Ceiling Fans 

Ceiling fans can propel cool air throughout your home and improve indoor ventilation. By installing a few fans in your home, you can substantially bring down your overall electrical expenses. 

9. Switch to Solar Energy 

Solar panel solutions in Portland, ME, serve as the perfect alternative for conventional sources of electrical energy. By switching to solar energy, you can contribute to sustaining the environment. 


10. Opt for Mini Split Installation

Cooling your entire house at the same time comes at a high cost. This is why we recommend using mini splits in designated living spaces. It allows you to monitor your electrical energy use with higher accuracy and helps avoid the wastage of valuable resources. 

11. Air Dry Your Dishes 

If you don’t have to use your dishes right after washing, there is no need to use the heated drying function on your dishwasher. Let your dishes dry in the air and reduce unnecessary electricity use. 

12. Turn Off Electrical Appliances from the Switch 

Make a habit of turning off electrical gadgets and devices from the main power source, and prevent them from consuming energy when not in use. 

13. Use Bathroom Ventilation Fans Moderately 

Bathroom ventilation fans should only be used when needed, or they will let out your home’s cool air. Turn them off after 5-10 minutes of use, or invest in automatic ventilation alternatives.    

All Solar Energy Solutions is a trusted supplier and installer of mini splits, storage batteries, and backup generators. Our expert electricians can provide you with many more practical tips to save on monthly energy costs and conserve your resources. Reach out to us now and find out how you can make your home highly energy efficient in any weather.